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The “War on Drugs; Why?” digital book is 130,000 words, available in PDF format and covers topics such as;

1)The history of alcohol and drug prohibition and compares them to each other.
2) The Constitution and the privacy rights which are involved.
3) What other problems could be solved instead of fighting the war on drugs.
4) The harmful effects of using drugs.
5) How the war on drugs makes the problem worse.
6) Why recreational drugs should be legalized and taxed.
7) What would happen if drugs would be legalized and taxed.
8) Why we really have the war on drugs.

Recreational drugs are big business. It is too big of a business for America to handle in the wrong way. Handling this huge business in the wrong way is bankrupting our country. We have to realize that criminalization of drugs creates major problems and solves no problems. It is time to start a practical solution that actually works. Get the Book to Find out how!