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America has many bigger and more serious problems than fighting a drug war that is not working. The burdens of drug enforcement on innocent taxpayers consume economic resources we could use elsewhere. There are many better uses of government resources than arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating victimless infractions. When we consider the costs of the drug war we must compare it to other problems we could be solving.

We could house and feed the homeless, start paying off our national debt, decrease our crime and incarceration rates, decrease our tax burden, create legitimate jobs, improve our economy, improve our trade imbalance, and make our country stronger financially for the same cost of the cost of the war on drugs. It is obvious that the problems we could actually solve far outweigh the drug “problem” which we are not solving anyway. The solution is to legalize and tax drugs rather than criminalizing them.

Throughout our history American law and politics has created and perpetuated syndicates that supply the vices in our society; from alcohol prohibition, gambling, and now drugs. We have learned that taxing alcohol and gambling was the best and most efficient solution; why not the same for drugs?

If you are now convinced then please do the below three steps which are:
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By networking we can accomplish our mission by dividing the work load and not having to work too hard if everyone does the above three goals. Of course, if you want, you are more than welcome to recruit as many as you like for this cause. Because this is a completely free grassroots organization, we have to rely on word of mouth to grow. This is why it is important for each of us to spread the word and recruit two others.