No country in world history has ever been $21 trillion in debt!

We will present some thoughts about the war on drugs. If you agree with the conclusions it will require you to take some action. Some of the questions we need to ask ourselves are as follows:

Would we rather house and feed the homeless, start paying off our national debt, decrease our crime and incarceration rate, create legitimate jobs while improving our economy, improve our trade imbalance by keeping our money within our own borders, and make our country stronger financially or keep paying for a war on drugs that has not worked in the past and is not working in the present?

Is our country heading in the right direction? Are there more important problems in this country that we would rather solve than continuing Nixon’s war on drugs? How many homeless and hungry people do we have? How bad is our national debt? Is our national debt getting bigger and unmanageable? What would be the most painless solution to start paying off our national debt? Would you rather the government collect the drug money or the big time drug dealers? (I’m sure the big drug dealers have enough saved so they can retire early.) Why do the countries that have decriminalized drugs have the lowest crime rates? Why does America, “The Land of the Free,” have the all-time record incarceration rate of any other country in the history of the world? Is our economy getting better or worse? What can we do to get our economy back on track? Can you have a crime, if there is not a victim? If there is not a victim in a drug infraction; can you have a drug crime? Should the penalty be relative to the crime? Is it fair to give a drug user many years in prison? Is it more harmful for the drug user and their family to lock the drug user in prison for many years, than the actual harm of the drug? What exactly are our constitutional privacy rights?

Did you know that if we released the one million drug offenders in our prisons, we could easily house and feed the half million homeless in America and give at least half a million college scholarships for the same cost? Would we rather house and feed the homeless or keep paying to lock up drug users? Did you know that it costs more to send one drug user to prison than it would cost to pay the tuition of 5 students at a community college?

Did you know that if you divided our $21 trillion national debt by our 300 million citizens that everyone, including children, owes on average $70,000? Did you know that all citizens, including children, have to pay on average $1,750 per year in taxes just to pay the interest on the $21 trillion national debt? Did you know that we could raise about $100,000,000 per day to apply to our national debt if we taxed and legalized recreational drugs? Would you rather this drug money go to the underground or to our national debt? Do we want to leave our future generations this much in debt? Can you think of any other painless way to pay off our national debt?

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Start housing and feeding the homeless, start paying off our national debt, improve our economy, lower our incarceration rates, and return our civil liberties.

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