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Start housing and feeding the homeless, start paying off our national debt, improve our economy, lower our incarceration rates, and return our civil liberties

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Do you want your hard earned taxpayer money spent on; Option A) a war on drugs which takes away civil liberties, violates your privacy rights, and seems to make the problem worse; or instead Option B) paying off our crippling national debt, housing and feeding all of the homeless in America, improving our economy by creating legitimate jobs, lowering our crime and incarceration rates, improve our trade imbalance, lower our tax burden, and make our country stronger financially?

It is your hard earned money; Option B is actually cheaper; where do you want to spend your money?

Our Community

Since we were lucky enough to be born in this great country, it is our DUTY to ensure that the rights our founding fathers gave to us are upheld by our own government. Our goal is to change the current drug laws and help build a stronger country. Because this is a completely free grassroots organization, we have to rely on word of mouth to grow. This is why it is important for each of us to spread the word and recruit two others.